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I finally got back into my account, i lost the email and password and i was screwed >.< but i have remembered and i am back and i shall post art <3 haha yaaaay well thats...alll i have to say


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Luna Lugo
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United States
hai faggot <3 my name is Luna and i am a bunny, i don't call myself really a self taught artist. i like to think that life teaches me as i go on ^^ is that stupid? o-o yeah i know alot about me is stupid so shut it nigger. I love cuppy cakes and chocolate...well not too much chocolate cause it hurts my teeth. i LOVE ruby gloom lets get that out there now soo expect her lawl. if i was gonna sum me up in one sentence i would say "I am a satanist gothic sex freak who calls everything a faggot." and its true, i do call everything a faggot .-. no i'm not anti far from that lol i'd suck a pickle for a nickle ;D i just think (atleast for me) that word no longer even applies to a gay person xD to me faggot means if i am calling you a faggot its either in a good way or bad way......wait...hold the fucking phone .-. why am i explaining it to you, well anyway here is a quote of mine to live by "you are all fucking faggots...but don't worry cause i am too <3"

enough bout faggots, i think i should talk about me as an artist o-o lol. well back in 2008 I met the wonderful world of anime...of course i had no idea what the art style was called, i didnt know what the fuck anime was .-. i didnt have any dvds or internet at all or anything >.> just one thing i owned that was anime. and i thought "hey i like this so im going to draw it" and so i did, i drew heads first...thats all i drew LAWL (side note that is probably why you will notice i draw better detail in heads than the rest of the body) over they years i drew things i saw, i honestly to this day have drawn very few things straight from my head, cause i suck on my own i need a guide to help, which is why i don't cal myself "self taught" cause i always have other things teach me. i always draw what i see, so if you are here and you ever see i have drawn something you created PLEASE dont be a little faggot and whine to me bout stealing, NO if anything that means i LOVE your drawing so much i had to draw it....that is a serious thing with me, and of course i'll credit you and if i forget i am so sorry bro just tell me nicely and ill credit you <3. but back tot he main topic, i just recently got into digital art, i find its much more fun then traditional, of course they both got their pros and cons, soo i can't say whats over all easier or better. OOOOOOOHHH i should tell you. Soon (soon could mean like....2020 lol but) I will be taking Digital art classes hopefully to help improve cause any cum swallowing fucker can tell you i need improvement .-.

ok one more thing to talk bout and if you have read this far you deserve a cookie....but one more thing to talk about, and that is art style, trademark style.....EVERY GOD DAMN ARTISTS MISSION is to find their trademark art style, fuck i kinda got it but i can never really draw it out how i picture it, the closest to my own style i came to was drawings i used to draw and i thought i came up with something awesome then i found out in 2012...someone else already did it before me, GAINAX xD well in all fairness i didnt know bout that let alone panty and stocking soo...Well anyway yeah, Hopefully upon taking these art lessons hopefully soon ill come up with and find something i can say is an expression of me, a style i can say is who i am and all that heart filled shit :P <3 OK Do you know Toby Turner (tobuscus)? well he's my fucking idol and hero .-. like bieng completely serious he inspires me xD plus he's fucking hot and i would go gay for him <3 if you want me to blush then send me a pic of his face or mention his hothothothothotness >//////////>

ok i lied THIS is the last thing to talk about, if you seen any of my art yet you will tell, i will draw whatever the fuck i want .-. whatever is on my mind i draw it even if i know it will piss people off...well then i especially will draw it in as much detail as possible, cause fuck i like pissing people off hehe xP but yeah i draw whatever i think bout at the moment. once im hooked on something doesnt matter how weird, stupid, small, it is i will have my fucking heart set on drawing it and i will not sleep till its done. and if you want a rundown of what you may get while looking at my art well I WILL UPLOAD: Anime mainly, hentai, doodles, weird porn, ruby gloom, adult themed ruby gloom, awkward ass porn, video game related such as Zelda, and at rare times a small comic/manga <3 so i hope you enjoy my art and my face, and if you don't then i don't give a shit cause you are all fucking faggots to me anyway <3 but i love you.....i think thats love im not sure o-o well yeah just enjoy yourself

Note: calling ME a faggot doesnt work JS cause i already know i am baby cakes .-.

Note2: If you would like to get to know me and all that shit, I don't bite much so please feel free to click on that facebook link and talk to me :3

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hey :3
TheBunnyLuna Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hai, I havent posted art in a while lol I know :P but im kinda taking a small break to calm myself o-o i feel like i been rushing myself to make art so im slowing down....BUUT i will be back so till then :3 whats up
Michael-Ryder-94 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lol nothing much making art X3
DarkGirl1999 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thanks 4 the watch
TheBunnyLuna Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
no problem dear :P
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